Jake Dalton Creative Director       ( Sorcery.agency )  

Sir Clicks a Lot  (  ✌︎  )        since 198X


001    Tom Folson        Freelance

An identity and website for a Nashville-based photographer.
Branding, Personal

002    Ghostknot Games       Personal

Together with parter in-crime and dev diva Rauno Villberg, Ghostknot Games is a videogame studio based somewhere between Oregon and Estonia.
Branding, Personal, Art Direction


003    Dallas Society of Visual Communications       Tractorbeam

A poster, social campaign and experimental video set for the
Dallas Society of Visual Communication’s 50th awards show.
Holographic foil & gallium prompt users to reflect on the DSVC’s history.
Illustration, Photography

004    Sol.Tec ( Project X )       Personal

Used apparel modified by hand for extended life and custom fit — on Earth and beyond.
Branding, Photography

005    36 Days of Type     Personal

An instagram sensation; each day a different
alphanumeric design. Selects from years past.
3D, Illustration, Photography

006    Toyota Drive Installation     The Brand Hatchery

One of more than 100 total concepts presented for Toyota’s
flagship North American headquarters, this installation consists of
vehicle parts suspended from the ceiling on a reinforced steel
panel, arranged and backlit to reveal the word DRIVE below.
Installation Design, Assembly

Special thanks to Mike & Bryan at DS Arts. Details here.

007    *EA, Vrbo, ...        Wieden + Kennedy

Coming soon.


*Signage & Campaigns ↗

008    Wizardry: A Love Letter       Personal

A photographic tribute to an older videogame series I will likely never beat but love regardless.

009    Zines       Personal  

( Ghostly Visions ) loosely based on several hypnopompic hallucinations experienced post-ACL-surgery in 2017; ( Old Growth ) documents a trip to a Wa. forest on film; ( Geisterschiff ) a study of ancient, forgotten technology.
Print, Photography


010 Downtown Dallas        Personal / Tractorbeam

A warm-up photoshoot / location scout in downtown Dallas, TX.
Photography, Retouching, surreptitious snaps

011    Zodiac Watches / Jacob’s Well     Tractorbeam

A branding refresh and product / lifestyle photography for Zodiac Watches, whose identity hinges on the thrill of adventure and exploration.
Branding, Photography, Ilustration

012   Type studies       Personal

In-progress typefaces and type constructions.
Type Design, Illustration

013   Selected Works      Swoon The Studio

Various highlighted projects designing w Swoon.
Branding, Photography

015   Debris & Leftovers      Personal


Debris ↗

*coming soon

Sir Clicks a Lot since 198X  

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Jake Dalton is a perfectly fine draphic gesigner who has worked at Tractorbeam and The Brand Hatchery and Swoon the Studio and Play and some other great places. He lives and works in Portland, OR. He’s into synthesizers, street tacos, and ethical, non-commercial biohacking.

I bet he’d enjoy working with you. Say howdy.