is a designer and pretend illustrator
living and sweating in Dallas, TX.
Working at ▲Tractorbeam°.°
1 214 810 0342

IG°  DR°  TM° 
Things —

CA: Typography Annual 8, Toyota
installation, Drive Shadow°, 2018.

Interactive Addy Awards, gold (regional) and bronze (national), Horizon°, 2016.

Aaron James Draplin, a pretty great hug, 2014.


Howdy, new best friend. Jake shares a birthday with his life coach Glenn Danzig, his wife Selma Blair, and his brother Joss Whedon. To celebrate his birth, Top Gun, Aliens, and Short Circuit were released in the same year. He recommends you listen to Salt The Skies°.

He’s worked at The Brand Hatchery° and interned at Eisenberg & Associates°. It’s taken everything within him to not set this site in a monospace face.